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Your Service Matters.
Find Freedom From Your Symptoms.

The Mood and Sleep Clinic is Experienced in Treating

Active Duty Military
First Responders

High-Risk Frontline Professionals

The numbers are clear; 41% or more of veterans desire mental health care. Less than 50% find their way to treatment (NIH). About 30% of first responders have behavioral health symptoms such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, substance use problems, and other symptoms compared to 20% of the general population (NAMI).  This means a lot of first responders and service members are struggling.

You deserve the right support. Active duty, reservists, veterans, and first responders have work demanding immense strength and dependability. Work pressures, witnessed traumas, and the need to manage burdens most civilians will never see and can't comprehend are common. You may have had exposure to violence, death, severe injury, and moral injury such as being faced with difficult decisions with life-or-death consequences. You may have "burned in images," guilt, shame, and even ambivalence of wanting to live. Anxiety, depression, anger, sleep problems, and relationship conflict are often expected responses to extraordinary experiences.

If these apply to you, you may require a therapist who understands you and your experiences. You may be best served by a professional who gets the impact on you and your family and who's familiar with the guilt, isolation, and internal battles you fight.

You're not alone and there's a path forward. Your symptoms do not have to define you. I can help you get back to the strong, capable person you are.

Specialist Care

I am uniquely trained in trauma psychology, sleep disorders, and in array of therapy approaches that will allow you access to effective treatment with progress that is often rapid and easily noticeable. 

Quick, Easy Access To Care

I manage my practice to allow for effective, accessible care that allows you stress free scheduling and follow-ups. 

Respect For Your Experiences

You will have the freedom to share as much or as little as you want; effective therapy does not require detailed disclosure of your experiences. Also, you will not be questioned about what "it was like."  You and your symptoms will be treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.


I am not affiliated with any government program such as the Veteran's Affairs, state, or county program or agency.  Your care will stay confidential.

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